7 Best Ways to Make Coffee at Home

Best Ways to Make Coffee:

There are many ways coffee is made and served; in this article, we will discuss the 7 best ways to make coffee. The fact is that around the world, people wake up to the tasty aroma of coffee, or they go to the door to get the first cup!

As consumers of coffee, we are faced with a simple choice: do it or buy it. Buying it has its advantages, but for the price of a couple of large coffees at Starbucks, you can enjoy gourmet coffee for a week or two, fresh from your kitchen. We’ll show you how below are 7 best ways to make coffee.

7 Best Ways to Make Coffee:

1- Use a Standard Coffee Maker:

Gather the ingredients. You will need a coffee maker with a pitcher and a clean filter, a grinder, and a cup. Grind the coffee beans. If you want something soft and pleasant, try a flavored coffee or a mild blend. Mixing in several coffee beans usually gives a fabulous combination.

Place the filter in the basket of the coffee maker. Following the instructions of your particular coffee maker, use the filter of the appropriate size and put it in the basket. If it is removable, you can wash the filter and the basket in hot water to remove any paper flavor.

Add grounded coffee. Most coffee makers recommend putting about 2 tablespoons per cup. Adjust this ratio to your liking: strong coffee requires more grounded coffee, and softer coffee requires less. If you prepare it too hard, you have the option to add some hot water to your cup.

Fill the tank. Use the jug as a measuring cup to fill it with the right amount of water according to the amount of coffee you use.

Turn it on. Press the turn-on button. After one or two minutes, when the machine has already preheated the water, your coffee should start to come out. It will be ready when you stop hearing the bubbles. Drink it! You can also add cream or sugar.

2- Use a French Press:

You will need a French press (also called a plunger coffee machine), coarse-ground coffee, a plastic or wooden spoon, a timer, and cups. Grind your coffee and add the ground coffee to the jug.

Put the ground coffee directly into the dry and clean jar. A good rule is to put a spoonful of ground coffee in each cup of water.

Therefore, a 4-cup French press would need 4 tablespoons of coffee. It is also one of the easiest ways of the 7 best ways to make coffee.

Bring the water to a boil. Pour it into the jug, stirring the stream around to saturate all the coffee until it is 2.5 cm (1 inch) below the top metal ring.

The key to having a fabulous cup of coffee with a French press is time. Set your timer for 4 minutes and when you have performed the previous step, start the timer.

In minute 1, remove the ground coffee to reduce the outbreak and distribute it evenly. Finish filling the jar with water (about to boil) to the top of the metal ring. Avoid using a metal spoon, which could accidentally break the jar. Instead, use a wooden or plastic rod.

Put the lid on. Put the vent cap and snap on the flask, making sure that the upper venting part is aligned with the carafe lid. Press! In minute 4, the bell will ring. Press the plunger down gently but firmly. This will filter the coffee and stop the processing.

3- Use a Chemex Coffee Maker:

You’ll need a Chemex coffee machine, a filter, medium-grounded coffee, and cups. Grind the coffee beans. You need to get about 6 tablespoons of ground coffee for when you’re done. Install and clean the filter. Place the Chemex folded filter into the jar cone, with the folds toward the spout.

Pour hot water through the filter to remove any paper flavor and to pre-heat the jar. Allow the water to drain completely, and then discard. Keep the filter against the walls of the cone. Add ground coffee. Pour 6 tablespoons of medium-grounded coffee into the filter.

The coffee springs. Put water to boil and pour only the amount necessary to saturate the ground coffee. Move the stream of water around to wet all the coffee, but avoid putting too much; you need to drip very little water the first time you pour it.

Let it sprout for 30 seconds. Fill the cone. Pour the water around the cone, interrupting the coffee bud and moistening everything equally.

Fill the cone until the water is about 0.65 cm (¼ inch) from the top, and let the water seep through the coffee into the jar. When you see about 2.55 cm (1 inch) of ground coffee sticking to the sides of the filter, refill the cone, pour water from the sides to remove the coffee and put it back into the mixture, fill the cone to the top.

4- Use a Cone Cup:

You will need a single-cup cone, an adapted filter, a grinder, a disposable cup for spills and of course a cup. Grind the coffee beans. For a cup of a cone, grind the coffee to a medium / fine point with a strawberry grinder.

Install and clean the filter. Place the cone over the cup. Fold the filter through its gasket and put it in the cone. Pour hot water into the filter to remove any paper flavor and pre-heat the cone and cup. Be sure to get all the water out before preparing the coffee!

Add ground coffee. Add about 3 tablespoons of ground coffee to the filter. The coffee springs. Put water to boil and pour only the amount necessary to saturate the coffee. Move the stream of water around to soak all the coffee evenly, but avoid throwing too much; you really need to drip very little water the first time you throw it.

Let it sprout for 30 seconds. Fill him with the cone. Pour water around the cone, breaking the bud and moistening all the coffee. Fill the cone until the water reaches the top and let the water seep through the coffee, into the cup.

Have your cup. When it is about to fill, quickly remove the cone from your cup to a disposable cup so it can completely drip.

5- Prepare an Express:

Understand what espresso is. The espresso is a little different than traditional drip or filter methods. This not only requires a special machine, but it also requires a special type of toasting, grinding, and the experience of properly cake the basket.

Although it is more complex and probably at the beginning will give a few cups of coffee less delicious, once you have grabbed his hand, you may never again be haunted by tales of sirens!

You will need an espresso machine with a basket and a clean filter, a grinder, a cup to make it and the right cup for your finished coffee. Steam your cooking cup.

Impacting the freshly prepared espresso with a cold cup will not do you any favor to the taste of your coffee. At this point, you could also pre-heat the cup where you will serve it.

Grind the coffee beans. Put the grinder in fine, and if possible, move it directly into the filter and the basket. Complete so that it is rounded above the basket.

Tap and level the ground coffee. Press the basket firmly on the counter to “seat” the coffee and with your finger or the back of a spoon, mark the ground coffee level with the top of the basket.

Compare it. Using a coffee compactor, firmly and evenly press the ground coffee. Keep the compactor (or rammer) flat so that all coffee is pressed equally and the extraction has no “hot spot” where the coffee is looser than elsewhere. Place the filter on the tip. Hold the filter firmly on the tip and turn the machine on.

7 Best Ways to Make Coffee at Home

6- Use a Mocha Coffee Maker:

What it is. A mocha coffee machine, also known as an “espresso machine over the fire” or Italian coffee machine, does not actually make “espresso” in the traditional sense of the word but does a small amount of tasty and full-bodied coffee.

You’ll need an Italian coffee maker with a clean filter, a grinder, and a cup. Preheat the water. You will finish the coffee in the jug, but if you start with pre-heated water you will prevent the coffee maker from overheating and burning the coffee, which will result in an unpleasant taste. Preheat at the same time your burner (if electric.)

Grind the coffee beans. If you use a strawberry grinder put it in medium/fine to medium. Fill the bottom of the coffee maker. For best results, fill in as much as the coffee maker indicates. Fill the filter. Place the filter into the bottom of the brewer, and fill it with ground coffee.

Level it with your finger or the handle of a spoon. Screw the top. Mount the coffee maker; be careful not to spill coffee or hot water. Use a towel to avoid burning the bottom of the coffee maker.

7- Start with a Good Coffee:

Know your coffee beans. Before you pour a drop of hot water over the ground coffee, you need to know what to expect. Start by asking your kind waiter what they use to make your favorite coffee.

The taste of coffee depends on many factors:

Where the beans grow and at what height, the type of plant, and how they have been processed, dried, and roasted. If possible, buy the beans and stir them at home when you need them, to make sure the cup of coffee is fresh and full of flavor.

Make Coffee at Home

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