How Many Calories in Scrambled Eggs?

The egg is a perfect food to include in our diet. As it has a high contribution in vitamins and little fat is ideal to enjoy during our menu and have a balanced diet. However, if you want to know how many calories the egg should be aware. That this information will vary depending on the way you have to cook this food. Scramble is what anyone may like but beware if you are on diet. And love eggs and scrambles too. It is a must to figure out how many calories are in scrambled eggs.

The Composition of the Egg:

Before knowing how many calories are in scrambled eggs, we must know what eggs are. The fact is that eggs are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. However, a scrambled egg can offer a solid, nutritious start to the day. They can also be the main piece of a relatively low-calorie meal.

The calorie count depends on the way the eggs are prepared. Which can make a difference in their nutritional value. Studies have shown that egg yolks are a rich source of nutrition with vitamins A and B as well as iron and riboflavin; however, it is the part that has the most fat and, therefore, the least suitable in diets to lose weight.

The area of the egg which is white has fewer calories since. Its composition is mainly made from proteins. This makes when the egg white is ingested. The sensation of satiety increases without increasing the consumption of fats. If you’re dieting, you can take the egg yolk away and enjoy recipes such as omelette egg whites.

Types of Eggs:

Hard-Boiled Egg:

However, as we have indicated at the beginning of this article to find out how many calories egg greatly influence the way you cook this food. If you choose to cook hard–boiled eggs you should know. That the initial amount of calories egg is almost not affected after being cooked.

Hard-Boiled Egg

What will influence the number of calories will be the size of the egg because it is not the same to eat one of a small size that another extra large.

  • Huge egg extra large size: 80 calories
  • Big hardboiled egg: 72 calories
  • Egg hard medium size: 63 calories
  • Small hard egg: 54 calories

Fried Egg:

When we fry an egg, the amount of calories of this food increases considerably. Too much oil and cooking it in a fried way means. That the calories in the egg are increased and, therefore, it is not a food suitable for people who want to maintain their line or lose weight. In the previous point, we have specified that the calories of 1 extra large egg are 80 cal. However, if this egg you do fry you must keep in mind that your calories can increase to double: 160 cal fried egg.

Fried Egg

What will the number of calories in this recipe depend on? For the amount of oil with which, you cook the egg. Place a little oil to fill the pan, therefore, generally, we can say that the calories of a fried egg can range from 100 to 160 cal.

How Many Calories in Scrambled Eggs:

On the specific issue of how many calories in scrambled eggs. We must consider that this is considered to be the worst way to prepare an egg for consumption. Because when combined with other products. This on average is delivering more than 80 calories per egg. This may be because this preparation can become very similar to consuming a half teaspoon of granulated sugar.

All this sugar in scrambled eggs is in the form of simple sugars, as it is glucose and fructose. Which are easily digested and may eventually be used for quick energy. But can accumulate as fat in the abdominal area.

Omelette or Scrambled Egg:

The calories in an egg are not the same as if this egg is cooked as an omelette. Why? Because to cook an omelette or scrambled egg oil is used but moderately. Therefore, take egg omelette itself is recommended in diets and eating methods designed to lose weight.

As already we noted if you want to achieve reduce the number of calories in an egg it is best to separate the yolk from the white and thus avoid, avoid taking yolk fat. When we make a tortilla, the amount of oil we use is less than when doing fried because the recipe of the tortilla needs only a stream of oil to moisten it a little in the pan, for this reason.

The calories of the egg are slightly increased compared to their calories in a fresh state.  Thus, it is stated that the calories in an omelet made with an egg can range between 90 to 110 cal, again depending on the amount of oil you use to cook.

After analyzing the issue of how many calories are in a scrambled egg, we can point to several points, such as two scrambled eggs, combined with a slice of cheese can give our body about 23 grams of fat, including these figures 10 grams of fat Saturated and 367 milligrams of cholesterol.

Something that can be harmful to our body, which to stay healthy should consume at most 300 milligrams or less of cholesterol daily. In addition, saturated fats should be limited to less than 7 percent of our daily calories. The saturated fat in the dish before exposure is close to 140 calories.

Home Eggs:

Two large scrambled eggs have 182 calories. Of that total, 120 calories, or about two-thirds are fat. Only 37 calories, or about 20 percent, are of saturated fat; the rest are mono- and poly-saturated fats. Just a third of the calories in scrambled eggs come from protein, with less than 1 percent of calories from carbohydrates.

Fast Food Eggs:

Scrambled eggs for fast food contain more calories, with 204 for each serving with a couple of eggs. Approximately one-third of those calories come from protein, and about two-thirds are from fat. Of the total caloric, 26 percent comes from saturated fats, which represents a higher fat content than fresh eggs. Carbohydrate amounts are negligible with less than 1 percent.

Fast Food Eggs

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