How to Dice an Onion Step by Step

The onion is the underground and edible bulb that grows on the plant of the same name. It is a vegetable of Asian origin cultivated from 6000 BC from Asia it spread to Europe, from where it happened to America. Currently, there is a wide range of varieties, which can be classified according to the colour of the bulb, shape, size, uses, origin and precocity. It has many culinary uses and can be used in different ways, either raw or cooked. In addition, it is known for its different medicinal properties.

Food and Nutrition:

The onion has been used for a long time as a medicinal plant, so there are many recipes and remedies to combat various ailments and pathologies. It is used in different ways, whether as juice, tincture, wine, poultice, infusion or just roasts. This bulb is one of the most used in the kitchen, the basis of sautéed and therefore many dishes. The inside of the onion that is the hard white is generally not used. These pieces are removed after having been cut to avoid the vegetable being disarmed. Today we will tell you how to dice an onion.

“The heart of the onion usually bitter the preparations, it is the root. If you are going to eat raw, it should not be used. But it can be added to the dressing”.

The important thing to choosing a cut is to be aware of the following points:

1- Type of Knife:

There are those who cut with half a stroke, others with lace or a smaller knife. But the main thing is to choose the knife suitable for this type of vegetable. In addition to thinner and thicker edges, this involves techniques such as “Tip and drag” where the use of thin knives is recommended as it separates each layer of the onion

2- Experience:

Obviously, everything is practical, and choosing the way to chop onions will influence how much we have to cut either in speed, efficiency, and neatness.

3- Comfort:

You have to feel comfortable with cuts of food, so it is important that we find the ideal technique and the ideal knife that will lead to cutting comfortably.

4- Execution Management:

This point is that in choosing and mastering the cut, we managed to manage our work to achieve efficiency and speed. Recall that management is to carry out a process quickly but do well.

How to Dice an Onion:

If the question arises in your mind that how to dice an onion, then the answer is simple as dicing an onion is fairly simple and easy. The materials that we use are cutting board vegetables, our knives, a cleaner, a container for garbage and onions.

The primary step is to clean an onion, if you are a person who washes the onion before cutting and even before peeling, can quit, it is unnecessary. Washing is done once it is diced. What you have to do is cut the two ends of the vegetable and then remove the peel. It is preferable that this is not done on the chopping board. In this way, we make sure that it remains clean. The next step is to cut the onion in half. To do this, place it on one of its flat sides and place it in the direction of the lines that can be seen in the upper layer.

How to Dice an Onion

Okay, it’s not a professional way but it’s extremely practical. If you need to chop onions into strips or squares and you always find it difficult to do it at the end because of their naturally rounded shape, the most practical solution is to contain them with leagues.

Place a thick alloy around the onion and, with a sharp knife, make the cuts you need to make. Make several cuts vertically (lower the knife to the bottom of the onion) the closer together the cuts, the finer the strips. When you remove the league you will see that the strips are perfect. If you want to chop the onion into squares after the previous step (before removing the alloy) “lay it” on the table and make horizontal cuts. The squares will come out naturally when cut.

It’s something everyone should know – yes, even you. Even if with jobs you can boil a pot of spaghetti, you should know how to finely chop an onion. It will be useful for many recipes soups, and sauces that benefit from the aromatic flavouring and onion. Today is the day when you will learn how to dice an onion. You May Like Yogurt Weight Loss Diet

Look below, it’s simple:

  • Cut the top of the onion but leave the heart intact – it will keep the vegetable together while you cut. Now, place the onion on the other side and cut it in half. (Remember: Keep intact the heart) Now remove the skin from the onion. You may also want to remove a couple of edible layers because they tend to dry out.
  • It is time for the incision. Use a “fan” technique instead of cutting in a straight line. Place the onion with the heart on the other side of you. Cut through the onion by placing the knife edge at an angle. Do not cut the whole onion: the heart allows you to keep everything together and makes the final chopping process very simple.
  • Now to chop in squares place the cut side of the onion down and slice perpendicular to the cuts you made in the previous step. Cut through the whole onion until you reach the heart. Now do the same with the other half.
  • There you have it: the onion is diced.

The simple way to cut onion is brunoise. And what is this? Cut into very small squares s, or as is commonly said, chopping onions. But also cut the onion into brunoise or squares, you can make other cuts. For example, you can make the chiselled, which involves opening the onion in half and each part cut into crescents, but not following the ridges of onions (this would cut into julienne ), but on the other side. Also chiselling, it is double chiselled, which is a technique to achieve cut the onion into brunoise. We also have the bracelet court, which is the way to cut the onion into rings or pen, which is like a julienne, but without separating the ends of the onion.

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