How To Make Mashed Potatoes Recipe?

Nowadays we have the possibility to prepare things in a few minutes. In fact thanks to the veggies that exists in the markets. The fact is that potatoes are perfect for every time. Whether you are in a hurry or tired, you can get acceptable results.

However, as with the vast majority of recipes. Nothing like the home-cooked mashed potato is, but how to make mashed potatoes recipe?  Wait, we will tell you step by step how to do it. You can effortlessly prepare a rich mashed potato at home. It is one of the most usual garnishes that are preferred by both children and adults.

What is a Potato?

A potato is one of the accompaniments par excellence of our gastronomy, and it is an indisputable fact. Whether it is French fries, baked, fried, stewed, baked, or stuffed potatoes, the potatoes accompany us.

What is a Mashed Potato?

One of the classic ways of preparing potatoes as a side dish is mashed potatoes. Despite being an easy and quick recipe. We do not always get a perfect texture or taste. When preparing a homemade mashed potato. That’s why we want you to learn how to make a mashed potato recipe and get a perfect mashed potato.

The mashed potatoes or potatoes are a dish made with potatoes cooked and mashed, as well as other ingredients. The mash is considered in almost all kitchens to use. It as an accompaniment to another dish usually made with meat or fish. However, it can also be served individually. The mash is very popular in the cuisines of northern Europe.

Benefits of Potatoes:-

They have a high glycemic index. This should be taken into account for high or frequent consumption. Especially by people suffering from metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

How to Cook Potatoes:-

  • We must cook the whole potatoes, without peeling them and trying to be all the same size.
  • On the one hand, we cook with skin to prevent the water from cooking is introduced into the potato leaving it a little watery, which would be detrimental to the final texture of the puree. We should try, as far as possible, that they are all the same size since the point of cooking a large potato will be different from that of a small potato at the same time, the larger potatoes will be somewhat raw or too small cooked.
  • We must cook the potatoes by introducing them in a casserole and covering them with slightly salty cold water. Cook them for about 30 minutes, depending a little on the size of the potatoes we have chosen. We can check that the potatoes are at their point when punching them with a knife they do not offer resistance.

How to Make Mashed Potatoes Recipe?

It is a very well-prepared recipe, that is quick and easy preparation, which is also very economical, which makes it one of those recipes that always comes well to have on hand to prepare when we need a dish with these characteristics. In addition to the classic recipe of mashed potatoes which is traditional, you can also be adding new ingredients to make a mash different that suits your taste and texture to our needs.

We hope that your query of yours that how to make a mashed potatoes recipe, is solved and you get very useful information from us. Well, the verdict is that we will tell you in detail how to make mashed potatoes recipe. We start with a simple recipe to prepare a mash fairly traditionally and prepared quickly. This mash will serve as an accompaniment to many dishes or take it alone.

Basic Recipe:-

Let’s start doing a mash easily and quickly, a recipe that can be prepared at any time soon. It is a mash pretty basic, we can use it both to make and to serve such or serve as a side dish or garnish of other different dishes. You will see how much richer and tastier than the one that is bought in boxes, and it does not cost too much also.


  • 750 grams of potatoes
  • 75g of butter
  • 75 ml milk
  • Salt
  • Ground black pepper


  • To begin we wash well and peel the potatoes, cut them, and put them to cook in a pot with abundant water and salt until we are very tender. Another option is to cook them whole, without peeling or peeling, but in that case, they will need more cooking time, so we recommend the first option that we have indicated. As for potatoes, better if they are potatoes suitable for cooking, they will look better.
  • Once we have them well cooked, we put them in a strainer and let all the excess water and usually temper a little. Then we will crush them, with a blender or a fork, since it will not take much effort to crush them well with it since they must have been very tender. We leave them well crushed, so that there are no large pieces of potatoes, although if you like this, you can leave them somewhat less crushed.
  • Then we will add the milk and butter, better if it is a little soft and we will move well until everything is well mixed and the milk and the butter have been completely integrated, forming a very creamy puree. Correct the density of the same, adding more milk if we want a little more liquid and the point of salt until we leave it to our liking. And we can serve our rich and warm mashed potatoes or serve hot.

An Extra Touch of Flavour:-

Cook the potatoes in boiling water with salt and a tablespoon of butter. Add butter or margarine that you will have previously melted, rectify salt, sprinkle with pepper, and stir vigorously. To this purée, you can also add liquid cream, milk or 2 whole eggs beaten.


Remember that besides as a side dish, cooked mashed potatoes are the perfect sauce to thicken a stew if you wish. Another system to achieve this is to add to the potato, a starch that will thicken it, but more gently.

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