16 Best Sides for Roast Chicken: Complementary and Delicious Dishes

Chicken is a very versatile food that offers many possibilities when it comes to presenting it. Therefore, it is necessary to think about those options that stand out more. So much for its flavour as for the combination. For its part, the chicken stuffed in the oven is very tasty.

So you do not need many extras. In this way, we can rely on the product and elaborate simple garnishes that accompany the plate. Today we will bring 16 best sides for roast chicken for you.

Sides for Roast Chicken: A Simple and Healthy Side

Roasted chicken, roasted or grilled is a generic dish made with chicken directly exposed to fire. Which can come from home to professional rotary spit. As a rule, the roast chicken is becoming with its own fat and juices from the same circulating meat during operation roast for this reason.

That should be placed exposed to fire so that it can move or rotate and The circulation of these fats and juices is as efficient as possible, rotary roasters use this concept very effectively. Roast chicken is a global dish that appears in all cultures cooked, or accompanied in different ways.

So learning the 16 best sides for roast chicken is a must. Often it is easy to prepare the main course: We put a piece of meat, chicken or fish fillets in the oven and that’s it! But with what we accompany it? Are you looking for a simple, tasty, or sophisticated, and delicious garnish?

Here you’ll find everything in these 16 best sides for roast chicken.

16 Best Sides for Roast Chicken: A Healthy and Flavorful Side Dish

Following are the 16 best sides for roast chicken:

  1. Mashed Potatoes with Garlic:

The puree is easy to eat, and it can also be seasoned with all the spices and condiments that we like the most: pepper or thyme, and other herbs. If not, we can always use other vegetables, such as mashed potatoes with carrots, or zucchini.

Mashed Potatoes with Garlic

It is very tasty and rich, and also, can be prepared in advance so that when it comes to serving everything is ready and prepared. We start with the simplest recipe and also the most liked ones all, but with a small change to make it more palatable: the mashed potatoes with garlic.

  1. Sweet and Sour Sauté of Carrots and Cabbage:

Here we present another bittersweet accompaniment: the bittersweet sautéed carrots and cabbage. It is perfect as a garnish for white meats, such as pork and chicken.

Sweet and Sour Sauté of Carrots and Cabbage
  1. Russian Salad:

I could never know why it is called Russian salad if it really is because it is originally from Russia. What I do know is that it is an excellent garnish for all kinds of dishes!

Russian Salad
  1. Baked Sweet Potato Chips:

If you like sweet and sour accompaniments you will love these chips that are made! They are bittersweet, crispy, and very easy to make.

Baked Sweet Potato Chips
  1. Fried Onion Rings:

Is there anything better than fried onion rings to accompany a roast chicken? Maybe the chips, but to do them you do not need a recipe!

Fried Onion Rings
  1. Grilled Vegetables:

To accompany chicken, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, turnips, spinach, etc. they are perfect. They are nothing dry and made baked, grilled or cooked are a healthy and magnificent accompaniment for those people who want to take care of their figure.

Grilled Vegetables

It is a perfect and healthy dish. Are you looking for healthy accompaniment? Try these delicious grilled vegetables. They go well with everything and you can also dress them with the sauce that you like.

  1. Grilled Tomatoes with Garlic and Thyme:

If you have slightly overripe tomatoes that no longer serve as a salad, fail to serve as a side dish with this recipe for tomatoes grilled with garlic and thyme. Also, read Microwave Bacon.

Grilled Tomatoes with Garlic and Thyme
  1. Cauliflower Puree:

For the latest most original accompaniments: the mashed cauliflower seems to be the best one. Just similar to mashed potatoes, but it is with a creamier texture and a very original flavour.

Cauliflower Puree
  1. Arabic Rice – A Variation:

For the preparation of the different types of rice, part of the white rice is prepared in the usual way, the various results from the different types of ingredients that are added to it, for these recipes the quantities of ingredients are given to prepare them based on 1 Kg of rice.

Arabic Rice – A Variation

This is a variation on Arabian rice in which it replaces the coke with a mixture of chair and tamarind sauce, obtaining a singular flavour with a touch of sweetness. This Arabian rice is always prepared with a lot of acceptance from the diners.

  1. Chips and Sautéed Mushrooms:

A great alternative accompaniment to be at lunch or dinner with roast chicken, it is a delicious dish made with potatoes mushrooms, butter, parsley, garlic, salt, and pepper to taste. You May Like Easy Plant-Based Diet Recipes.

Chips and Sautéed Mushrooms
  1. Milk Roasted Asparagus:

It is an accompaniment not very common; however, it is still a great alternative. With a delicious taste, it is made with asparagus, evaporated milk, chicken broth, Parmesan cheese, eggs, as well as salt, pepper, and nutmeg.

Milk Roasted Asparagus
  1. Caramelized Carrots:

These caramel carrots are an excellent accompaniment to any roast or baked meat.

Caramelized Carrots
  1. Fries:

It is a perfect accompaniment for meats, especially chicken. Also, very tasty accompanied by sauces or some dressing.

  1. White Onion Flan:

It is a very exquisite accompaniment and its sauce allows its flavour to be pleasant, it makes it original and attractive. It is made with white onion, parmesan cheese, eggs, evaporated milk, butter, adding white sauce, and chopped parsley.

White Onion Flan
  1. Potatoes, Nuts and Cheese:

Potato chips, nuts, and cheese fried in oil can accompany salads or offer as snacks.

Potatoes, Nuts and Cheese
  1. Baked Potatoes:

Nobody can doubt that potatoes are one of the queens of the garnishes, fried, cooked, baked, and pureed … are a very nutritious and healthy food (less healthy when they are fried), economic, and very versatile. And perhaps not the only one, as in most kitchens.

Baked Potatoes

We make many recipes with potatoes, and not only garnish, this tuber is also rich in varieties, we can enjoy it as an entree or main dish, and surely many of you so you have tasted sweetbreads and elaborations, it is a jewel of gastronomy.

The baked potatoes are a great way to combine the potatoes with other different ingredients, forming a rich and varied dish ideal for lunch and dinner for the whole family.

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