What Is Tandoori Food

Tandoori Food

Tandoori-style food is India’s popular cuisine. Tandoori basically refers to any food that has been cooked in a tandoor. A tandoor is an old-fashioned earthen oven that is used to grill food using a charcoal flame. Tandoori food is known for its succulence, be it chicken or fish it has to be juicy, smoky, and flavorsome. … Read more

How To Make Dahi Wale Aloo | Potatoes In Curd Gravy | Dahi Ke Aloo


Summer is here and we all are looking for cooling soothing recipes Curd / Yogurt or Dahi is one of the most loved ingredients for making summer cool recipes for the main course. In my house, Dahi Wale Aloo, Kadhi, and Raw Mango Dal (Khatti Dal) are summer staples. We relish these wonderful dishes with plain rice.Some of the common recipes … Read more